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Did your heat stop working one night? Do you only get enough hot water for a 3 minute shower? There’s only ONE place to call for the best fuel oil prices and quality installations and that phone call should be to Pelco Fuel! We will take care of you and your family so you can rest comfortably during those frigid winter nights, or take a long, soothing shower after a hard day at work.

How about $100 for free?

We will credit $50 to your account and $50 to the customer you refer.
Many of our customers take advantage of our referral program each year, helping to save friends and family money on their energy costs (referred customer must join the Pelco Automatic Delivery Program and receive a minimum of 4 deliveries).

All of Pelco Fuel installations are performed by qualified, experienced, licensed plumbers. Rest assured that your new boiler, water heater or plumbing service will be completed on time and properly by our trained technicians.