Turboflue® – Bock’s patented design is the industry’s most advanced and efficient heat exchanger. Simply put, it heats water faster and uses less fuel, which reduces energy costs.

®- Durable and exclusive porcelain enamel glass is used to line all tanks and Turboflues. Highly resistant to aggressive water. Fresh silica mixed daily to provide the highest quality.

Built to last – Hand-crafted from heavy gauge steel. Longer life equals a higher “Return on Investment”.

Dual magnesium anode rods – Inhibit corrosion and maximize tank life. Electrolysis attacks the anode rods, not the welded seams of the tank.

Double pressure tested – Only Bock pressure tests its tanks twice.

Fully welded tank skirt – prevents noxious flue gases from escaping between the tank and jacket.

Center flue design – reduces tank flex for longer life.

Fiberglass insulation – decreases standby heat loss.

Accurate temperature control – Only Bock offers dual aquastats or operating and high limits, as standard.Spring loaded inspection door – Easy access for inspection and maintenance, also functions as a pressure relief valve.

Brass drain valve – Accessible, tamper-proof.

Factory installed T&P valve – CSA listed.

Hand-cast refractory lined combustion chamber – Only one in the industry – better heat retention, warmer starts, better combustion, reduces noxious emissions.

UL listed.

ASME construction – available on selected models.

Externally mounted burner – provides easy installation and maintenance.

5 year limited warranty – on steel tank (single family residential installations).

3 year limited warranty – on steel tank (commercial installations).