Use your tax return to get a new boiler and save on your energy costs.

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Save on Oil Prices with an energy efficient Heating System.

If your heating system is more than12-15 years old, you should consider a new high efficiency system. The latest boilers are designed to be more fuel efficient, heating your home to the same temperature while using less oil to do it. In fact with fuel prices so high, a new energy star heating system can pay for itself in just a few short winters.

Clock thermostats are an inexpensive way to save on your monthly heating bill. They are digitally controlled for improved accuracy to avoid large temperature swings. This keeps your boiler from running needlessly. They are also fully programmable, so you can lower the temperature while you are at work and it will automatically adjust to warm the house for when you arrive home. Some of the newest models include Wi-Fi so you can control the temperature from anywhere in the world, all from your smart phone or office computer. How’s that for convenience!

Pelco stocks many models of digital, programmable thermostats. We can help you choose a model that fits your lifestyle and budget.